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The Community Conversations Project

A Community Conversation brought to you by the Drug Education Network.
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The Conversation

About the Community Conversations Project

The subject of alcohol and other drugs can be a tricky one to raise, regardless of how old the kids in your life are. Are you concerned about a young person and not sure what to say? Want to help them but not sure how?

Let’s change that.

Community Conversations are collections of information and resources about common topics and issues occurring within our Tasmanian community. We launched CODE with three conversations and this project is to grow the collection.

The Drug Education Network (DEN) has received project funding from Primary Health Tasmania to create five new Conversations for CODE in partnership with the Tasmanian community.

Clare has been appointed as Project Officer and is your first point of contact for all Community Conversations Project enquiries. Send a message to Clare.

Four common sparrows on a wooden fence rail. They are facing one another and look like they're having a conversation.

Stage 1 (Happening Now)

This stage is for Scoping and Planning.

In this stage, we will finalise the project plan and all the tools we need to get this project moving.

We will begin collecting information about what kinds of information Tasmanians are interested in.

We will begin recruiting for focus groups to help us design the Conversations.

Stage 2

This is the stage for Designing.

In this stage, we will finish collecting ideas from Tasmanians about the kind of information that should go inside the new Conversations.

We will run our focus groups at least twice: Once to collect ideas in a collaborative environment, and once to give feedback on the draft Conversations.

Stage 3

This is the stage for Finishing.

In this stage, we finalise the Conversations and load them onto CODE for everyone to see.

We begin promoting the new information so that as many people as possible can find the Conversations.

In this stage we also wrap up the project by completing our evaluation.

<center><div class="rich-hl">Tell us what you need to know to help your young people be safer around alcohol and other drugs.</div></center>

Are you interested in co-designing Conversations for CODE? There are two ways to help:

Answer the Survey

Take our five minute survey to share your knowledge, opinions and ideas. The survey is completely anonymous and you can exit at any time.

Join a Focus Group

Start the ball rolling by filling out our survey. Then, express your interest using the link at the end.

How do the focus groups work? You will be asked to attend two (2) meetings. Each meeting will run for about 90 minutes.

Meeting 1 is all about your knowledge and needs. We will discuss what kinds of information you think would help you and your family and will help us decide the topics of information.

Meeting 2 is where you give us feedback on the resources we create based on the information in meeting 1. It is where you help us polish and refine the resources to make sure they are fit for purpose. If you can help us by attending both meetings, you will receive a voucher to thank you for your time.

When will I know when the focus groups are being held?
When we have enough people expressing interest, we will send out invitations to your preferred contact method with all the details.

Get Involved

Simply click here to take our survey in a new tab and, if you're interested, sign up for focus groups at the end.

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